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Affirmative Action Has Helped White Women More Than Anyone

From TIME: (...) "The original lawsuit was filed on behalf of Abigail Fisher, a woman who claims that she was denied admission to the University of Texas because she is white. But study after study shows that affirmative action helps white women as much or even more than it helps men and women of color. Ironically, Fisher is exactly the kind of person affirmative action helps the most in America today.

(...)"As for Fisher, there is ample evidence that she just wasn’t qualified to get into the University of Texas. After all, her grades weren’t that great, and the year she applied for the university, admissions there were actually more competitive than Harvard’s. In its court filings, the university has pointed out that even if Fisher received a point for race, she still wouldn’t have met the threshold for admissions. Yes, it is true that in the same year, the University of Texas made exceptions and admitted some students with lower grades and test scores than Fisher. Five of those students were black or Latino. Forty-two were white." Read the article: Affirmative Action Has Helped White Women More Than Anyone - Their successes make the case not for abandoning affirmative action but for continuing it. By Sally Kohn, TIME June 17, 2013

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The law isn't there to protect us from Dieudonné's odious views

From Guardian: "The greatest test for those who claim to champion liberty lies in their attitude to its opposite. How far will they tolerate the intolerable? Do they line up with Gandhi's followers and invite the soldiers literally to hit them over the head? Do they see the Pussy Riot performers as prisoners of conscience or as hooligans causing deep offence to Russia's state religion? The answer in such cases is never simple, but one principle is clear: the more confident a society is in its values, the greater can it tolerate intolerance. A robust community can handle the stresses of pluralism. It can take on board, challenge and defeat odious opinions without having to take refuge in law or state authority." Read the article: The law isn't there to protect us from Dieudonné's odious views - Our banning of Dieudonné shows that the UK has grown feeble. A robust society should be able to handle the stresses of pluralism. By Simon Jenkins 4 February 2014

Sustainable land grabs? Large-scale land transfers are not a development option

Sustainable land grabs? Large-scale land transfers are not a development option - At root, hunger is an issue of distributive justice. By Roman Herre, Rural21 06.12.2012

Common Core and UN Agenda 21: Mass Producing Green Global Serfs

"UNESCO calls it “Education for Sustainable Development.”" Common Core and UN Agenda 21: Mass Producing Green Global Serfs by Alex Newman, The New American, March 27, 2014

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Jeb Bush: Common Core critics care too much about kids’ self-esteem

"You tell me which society is going to be the winner in this 21st Century: The one that worries about how they feel, or the one that worries about making sure the next generation has the capacity to eat everybody’s lunch?” Jeb Bush: Common Core critics care too much about kids’ self-esteem By Valerie Strauss, March 24 Washington Post

Jeb Bush: Many illegal immigrants come out of an 'act of love'

From AP: "An early GOP establishment favorite, Bush has long urged his fellow Republicans to show more compassion for those who enter the country illegally. But when he described illegal immigration in an interview as an "act of love" by people hoping to provide for their families, the backlash from his own party was swift and stinging.

(...) "In a speech Thursday night to an annual gathering of Connecticut Republicans, Bush noted the negative response to his remarks but said he sees no conflict between enforcing the law and "having some sensitivity to the immigrant experience."

(...) "For Bush, the debate is personal. His wife, Columba, was born and grew up in Mexico. The two met while Bush was an exchange student there; she is now an American citizen.

(...)"On Sunday, in an interview with Fox News before an audience at the George Bush Presidential Library in Texas, Bush said immigrants who enter the country illegally should, in fact, pay a penalty. But he added that he viewed such a violation as "a different kind of crime."

"Yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony," he said. "It's an act of love."

(...) "Some see a new opportunity for the GOP to appeal to Latinos, many of whom have soured on President Barack Obama because of his administration's record-setting number of deportations." Read the article: Jeb Bush Remarks Expose GOP'S Immigration Problem By Michael J. Mishak — Apr. 10, 2014 AP

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Happy Spring! Visit PINK MANHATTAN Music blog to hear music by today's featured artist. Image: Darmon Meader (New York Voices),

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Affirmative Action Debate

Are white women the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action? The following excerpt is from Affirmative Action Debate by the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, a curriculum designed for students in grades 4-8. (96.01.12):

Let�s Look Affirmative Action Over

"Has affirmative action actually changed things to the point that minority group members and women enjoy an advantage over white males? Examination of income figures does not support this. Among young adults, white males continue to enjoy higher incomes than black and Hispanic males and women of any race. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates remain well above those of whites. Moreover, whites continue to graduate from college and enter medical, law, and graduate schools at double or more the rate of blacks and Hispanics.

"Women also remain under represented in law and medical schools, although their presence there has increased significantly. All these things suggest strongly that the effects of past and institutional discrimination outweigh any advantage affirmative action may bring to minorities or women. Even when we consider only those who complete college, minorities and women still do not appear to enjoy any overall advantage due to affirmative action. In 1980, young black male college graduates had greatly narrowed the income gap with white males, but they still learn 4% less. Among young college-educated women, blacks had a narrow lead over whites, but neither had anywhere near the income of white males.

"Even so, it does appear that affirmative action has helped certain segments of the minority and female populations a good deal. A definite narrowing of the income gap between blacks and whites has occurred among people who do have jobs, particularly those with relatively high education levels. Law and medical schools are enrolling significantly more blacks, Hispanics, and women than they did before affirmative action even though most of their students are still white males. Firms with government contracts, which are covered by federal affirmative action requirements, have nearly twice the percentage of minority employees as firms without government contracts.

"Still, it is only the more educated segments of the minority and female populations that have truly benefitted from affirmative action. So far, affirmative action has done little for the chronically impoverished underclass, many of whom are lucky to get a high-school diploma. Affirmative action has probably contributed to a trend that was already under way in the black and Hispanic populations: The middle class is rising in status, while the situation of the poor is worsening. This has produced increased social-class differences within the black and Hispanic populations. To achieve racial equality we must implement policies to improve the situation of the chronically poor, which affirmative action does not do.

"However, today all states and most cities have affirmative action plans. Numerical goals are a common component of these EEO/AA (Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action) plans. Virtually all plans designate blacks, Hispanics, and women as beneficiaries; many add handicapped persons, homosexuals, older workers, ex-offenders, and rehabilitated alcoholics and drug abusers.

"The U.S. Justice Department, under Attorney General Edwin Meese, has been largely unsuccessful in its efforts to eliminate racial and sexual preferences in affirmative action. After the Stotts decision in 1984, the Justice Department urged federal courts to give a sweeping interpretation to that decision and declare any employment decision based on race or sex to be illegal. But federal courts have so far rejected this broad approach and have continued to uphold affirmative action plans with numerical goals and racial and sexual preferences.

"November 1994, angry white men staged a protest at the polls, voting in a Congress that has attacked affirmative action, school lunches, Medicare and other government initiatives.

"Affirmative action studies indicate that white women are, at best, ambivalent. While women have made great strides in the labor force in the 30 years since the mandate has existed, a large number of white women arguably is the greatest beneficiaries of affirmative action. They believe such programs have outlived their usefulness.

"A large segment of the population is under the impression that minorities, especially African-Americans, are the chief beneficiaries of affirmative action. Attacks on such programs by politicians and disgruntled job-seekers, scholarship applicants and small business owners are often described as justified rage at minorities. To a large extent, observers say, women have been silent on the issue.

"A recent poll in California found that while a large majority of women of color are opposed to the anti affirmative proposal called the California Civil Rights Initiative, however, a sizable majority of white women, 66%, favor it. Many younger women, expressed no connection to battles for equality that were waged in earlier years, while another large number of women had philosophical doubts about giving preferential treatment to anyone, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Women's groups and civil rights advocates say there is a lot of confusion about affirmative action, and that, in part, is the reason why opposition seems so high in the poll results." Read the article: Affirmative Action Debate by Carolyn Kinder, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

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On Bill de Blasio and NYC Specialized High School Admissions

I agree with the author of this blog post, and will add that what De Blasio is doing isn't so much making it easier for other minorities to get in, but kicking Asians out to make room for less qualifying whites as well. It's not obscene enough that Affirmative Action allows colleges to demand Asian students to score higher than whites on the SAT to qualify for admission. Why punish New York City's best and brightest before they even have a chance? Asians as the Wrong Type of Minority - 2014/04/02 by Logan Lo

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White Liberals: We'll Say Who the Racists Are

In light of the ongoing debate over the controversial nature of the sports team name, "Redskins", here is a poignant (and funny) article about the liberal/progressive alliance and the clashing views on exercising freedom of speech at anyone's expense. White Liberals: We'll Say Who the Racists Are - April 4, 2014 Ace of Spades HQ